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Hey there! I'm Lilya. You could say I 'Love' books, but I'm afraid that may be an understatement. I'm pretty much obsessed with all things book related, and I tend to drink copious amounts of tea while I'm at it.

I'm from the United Kingdom, I'm an aspiring psychologist with a love for many things, including the beach, swimming, poetry and politics.

I guess you could describe me as ' an overly emotional' person, in other words this means that I'm one of those people, who squeal in public transport because so and so finally get together. On the other hand I could just as well, start crying the moment my favourite character dies (understandably of course). So I guess you can expect lots of emotional roller-coasters on this blog, from excitement about new books (book hauls), to weeping at atrocious plots and writing styles.

In terms of my taste in books, I enjoy a varied range, from Classics to Graphic Novels. However my favourite genres would probably be Fantasy and Adult fiction. I strongly believe in diversity within literature, and therefore I strive to diversify my reading lists.

In this blog I plan on reviewing a book at least once every two weeks. I would also love to include weekly memes, such as 'Top Ten Tuesday' and 'Waiting on Wednesday'.You can  also expect weekly/monthly wrap ups and TBRs.

I hope you enjoy my content! Please feel free to connect with me on social media and to let me know what you think of my content in the comments!

Lots of Love.

Lilya <3

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